The São Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of the Person with Disability was created in 2008 as the first State Secretariat in the country, focused in the defense of the rights of person with disability and the promotion of social inclusion and citizenship of these persons, a segment that counts with 45,6 million persons in Brazil and over 9 million in the State of São Paulo.

Its goal is to ensure the rights of person with disability through the articulation with other Secretariats and cooperation with entities related to the segment of disability and private companies, as well as seek improvements in the quality of life of these persons and ensure that their opportunities are increased and that diversity is respected.

The SEDPcD’s mission is: to ensure the access of person with disability in the State of São Paulo to all goods, products and services in society.

The SEDPcD’s vision is: to become a world reference in articulation, implementation and monitoring of social inclusion policies for persons with disability.

The Secretariat Values focuses on results, ethics, protagonism and synergy.

Results – so every action undertaken at the Secretariat leads to practical results that improve the Quality of Life of person with disability;

Ethics – so that the generation of good results happens from the RESPECT TO ALL PERSONS IMPACTED by the decisions taken;

Protagonism - for the pioneering and creativity in its actions so that persons with disability can exercise their RIGHT OF CHOICE;

Synergy – In order so that the external and internal partnerships enable the plurality and agility required for decision making.

The Best Companies Award for Employees with Disability was created to publicly value and recognize the companies that have persons with disability in their staff. The goal is to stimulate organizations to improve their plans of professional inclusion, focusing on building and maintaining a participative, productive and egalitarian corporative environment, in which employees with and without disability, together, contribute for a sustainable and humane economy.