The award process comprises 04 (four) stages:

1st Stage – Registration by microsite

The company must access the registration area in the website, and fill out the form with the registration information and the contact information of the person who will be responsible for the company’s participation in the Award.

2nd Stage – Filling the Practice Stage and the Questionnaire

After registration, the company will receive in his e-mail registered in the Application Form, the link to the Practice Script to be filled online and the employees with disability that work in the company will receive the link to the Questionnaire - Inclusion Degree, which must also be filled online.

A) Practice Script

Designed for the area responsible for the Inclusion Program, the competing companies will be able to present their practices in each of the dimensions set out in the Practice Script. The company may present only 01 (one) practice for each criteria (accessibility, organizational culture, management, recruitment and selection and protagonism), totaling a maximum of 05 (five) registered practices.

The practices evaluation criteria will take into account:

  • Relevance of the information for the process of inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  • Quality of the information provided;
  • Duration of implementation and feasibility;
  • Impact and practice´s reach;
  • Replication potential.

Important: the Practice Script is the only questionnaire designed for the company. It is through this Script that the company has the opportunity to describe the main actions taken in favor of the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their staff.

B) Questionnaire – Inclusion Degree

This is the main questionnaire, as it is designed for the employees with disabilities.

It is divided into 05 (five) dimensions: accessibility, relationship, development, inclusion and satisfaction.

The questionnaire must be sent to all employees with disabilities working in the company. The company’s representative shall send to the award coordination a list with all the employees with disabilities, including the following information: name, position, e-mail and phone so the technical team responsible for organizing the Award can send the link to the questionnaire.

3rd Stage – Selection of the 15 finalists companies and technical visits

15 (fifteen) finalists companies will be selected, based on the score of the practices reported and the questionnaire answered by the employees with disabilities, both mandatory:

  • Practice Script;
  • Questionnaire - Inclusion Degree,

The selected companies at the discretion of the Organizing Team, may receive a technical visit from the award consultants in order to confirm the veracity of the information provided at the time of registration, and in the questionnaires answers, and thus prepare a full report on each of them.

In the case of the Foreign Companies Category: the selected companies, at the discretion of the Organizing Team, may be contacted by Skype, in order to confirm the veracity of the information provided at the time of registration, and in the questionnaires’ answers, and thus prepare a full report on each of them.

4th Stage – Judging Committee

Based on the technical assessment, it will be elaborated a report to be submitted to a Judging Committee, comprised of persons of renowned work in the field of inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The individual classifications will be analyzed, to reach the three companies that will be awarded. The remaining finalist (twelve companies) will receive an honorable mention.

In addition to the Awards, it will be highlighted the Good Practices Cases among those initiatives considered exemplary. The winning companies will be published on the São Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of the Person with Disability’s website and will be part of the digital publication, distributed at the awards’ ceremony, that gathers the material from the finalists’ cases and main results.

Finally, the Awarded Companies will be announced and the prizes delivered in a public event, on the first fortnight of December 2017, in a place to be defined, in the city of São Paulo, and will have media coverage.