What is the goal of the Award?

The Fourth Best Companies Award for Employees with Disability aims to identify, recognize, and reward the best practices of inclusion of employees with disabilities in public and private companies, micro, small, medium and large, entrepreneur with disability and foreign companies.

How to participate in the Award?

To participate in the Award, the company must fill the Registration Form (with the company´s information and the person responsible for giving the requested information on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the company), the Practice Script (that addresses five dimensions: accessibility, organizational culture, management, protagonist and recruitment and selection) and all employees with disabilities that work in the company must answer to the Questionnaire - Inclusion Degree.

Which companies can compete for the Award?

Are eligible to participate for the Award companies:

  • Private and public;
  • Based in Brazil or outside the Brazilian territory, in the category foreign companies;
  • Of all economic segments and companies of all sizes;

Is there a cost for the company to sign up for the Award?

No. The company´s registration for the Award is free of charge.

Is there a cost for a Foreign Company based outside Brazilian territory and to Brazilian Companies based in other Brazilian states, or outside the city of São Paulo, to participate in the award ceremony?

Yes, the participation of representatives of foreign companies, companies based in other Brazilian states or out of the City of São Paulo, in the award ceremony, shall be borne by the company itself.

How can I register?

Companies can register through the microsite: http://pmetcd.sedpcd.sp.gov.br/
Click Here to register.

Who is responsible for the registration for the Award?

The person responsible for the registration on the Award is a legal representative of the company that must provide all the required information about the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the company. The person in charge for answering to the required information will be the contact point between the company and the Award Team and, from the moment of registration, will be called Inclusion Agent.

What is the registration period?

From June 12, 2017 to september 15, 2017.

Date of delivery of the Good Practices Roadmap and Questionnaire - Inclusion Degree. - to be completed by professionals with disabilities - until September 30, 2017.

Which are the stages of the Award?

  1. Registration via microsite;
  2. Filling the Practice Script and the Questionnaire - Inclusion Degree;
  3. Technical visit;
  4. Evaluation of the Judging Committee.

How can I contact the Award coordination?

The coordination of the Award can be contacted by e-mail: coordpremio@ctipfi.spdm.org.br