The coordination team of the Best Companies Award for Employees with Disability will process the consolidation and verification of the information, in order to give value to the questionnaires received.

Each of the questionnaires will represent a percentage on the final score, according to the following proportion:

Maximum % over the final score
Questionnaire Inclusion Degree 70%
Practice Script (each practice can contribute up to 6% on the final score) 30%

By the end of the calculation, it will be possible to define the companies that were better classified at the second stage.


- All the information provided should reflect the activities carried out by the company and may be verified and assessed by the Organization Team of the Award.

- False information detected and confirmed by the Award Organization will result in the reduction of the score or the declassification of the company.

- The procedures, programs and projects for inclusion of people with Disability carried out by the company must refer to what the organization is already executing and not to what is in a planning stage.

- The procedures, programs and projects related to the inclusion of people with Disability must be executed exclusively by the enrolled number of the Taxpayer Register (CNPJ in Brazil) registered in the Award and not by other companies linked to the business group of which the company belongs to.